Essay on Illegal Immigrants : The United States

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The United States of America has always been a country with a lot immigrants. The country was founded on them. As time went on the United States made laws that people had to follow to get into the country because of how many people were coming over. The government made the laws more and more strict making it harder for people to enter the country. The reason people would enter the country is to find jobs that could support their families since their country didn’t have any or enough that they could do that. With the laws becoming stricter and having more requirements to get into the country people would be stuck in their countries not being able to support their families. Immigrants would sneak across the border to get into the country and stay, as Alex Nowrasteh explains “By trying to keep them out, increases in border security locked them in.”
The problem people have with illegal immigrants is that they are taking the jobs that legal citizens could be doing. There is a large amount of U.S. citizens that don’t have a job and are losing jobs while having a hard time finding new ones. People also believe that when the illegal immigrants get paid they don’t have to pay taxes. Since they aren’t registered to be citizen’s people think it’s all under the table money, paid in cash so it doesn’t show up like normal works pay for the company and doesn’t have to be filed anywhere with the government, so they get paid without taxes being taken away from their paycheck. These people…

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