Essay on Illegal Immigrants Should Be Legal

1252 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
Millions of Mexican illegal immigrants have the choice weather to go through 8 steps to get citizenship to come to the United States legally or just cross the border illegally. Now tell me why it is, more illegals would rather come across illegally then go the right way, right? Let us begin with the 8 step process that they go through when they are here illegally by Llona Bay J.D. First the illegal immigrant needs to be a residence for 5 years after that you are able to apply, but if you are married to a U.S citizen you only have to wait 3 years. Now isn’t that confusing? Yes it is because they are saying but very quietly in a way that you need to come across here illegally first, then you will have better advantage of this long tedious process in some peoples mind, or they just stay here illegally, don’t fix their papers and just lay low before they get deported. Now the First step is finding out whether you are eligible. Second overcome barriers to your ineligibility, third file USCIS form N-400, fourth get fingerprinted from FBI, fifth attend a citizenship interview, sixth attend an oath ceremony, and the last one remains Do I qualify? All those steps seem pretty easy right?.. Wrong, the path to U.S Citizenship is very costly and tedious. Yes it is the right way of course no argument about that but the way the government is going about it is very long and frustrating for some undocumented illegals that live here in the U.S already. Then we come to an issue of…

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