Illegal Immigrants Should Be Banned Essay

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Immigrants should receive an amnesty
Why can’t all the people in United States receive an amnesty of their illegal status no matter where the are from? There is now a larges population of illegal immigrants in the United States. Although many people believe that illegal immigrants should be banned from country because they are not born here and are taking the citizens food and resources, they also believe that many of them are criminal, another reason they want them out is because some don 't pay taxes but still use the medical and other social services, illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty because many immigrants that are living in the United States are trying to have a better life, trying to achieve the famous “American Dream”, others try to go to school and finish and have a professional career, not only do they come to study they come because they know it is a lot more safer than their home town. Some people believe that illegal immigrants should be banned because they are stealing the legal citizens food and resources. For example, The candidate Donald Trump is planning to take out all the immigrants, because he believes that this country is for “Americans” and the immigrants are taking away our resources. But in reality "immigration increases the income of US residents by maximizing the extent to which the economy takes advantage of domestic resources” (Pawlick, Finley). Another example is that many Americans believe that illegal immigrants are criminals “The…

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