Essay on Illegal Immigrants : Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigrants Illegal Immigration is a problem that is has been around and is still going to be around for a very long time. People’s views on it are al still going to be what they want them to be one sided and stick to what they believe no matter if they are wrong or right. As long as immigration is around we are always going to have to sides to it and always have people there to argue their sides of it. Keegan Hamilton states in this article “The releases were not announced publicly, and DHS officials initially refused to confirm the move, which involved mostly low-risk individuals accused of overstaying their visas, traffic offenses, and other minor transgressions. Later, the agency insisted only a few hundred people were temporarily released on bond. When it finally emerged that 2,228 immigrants were set free, in part because of $3.2 billion in sequester-mandated budget cuts, the backlash was histrionic, even by Capitol Hill standards.” As you can see from this brief paragraph how much money is spent on illegal immigrants as they are incarcerated, people think that all of the illegal immigrant that come to the United States are all bad people when in reality the facts of this paragraph speaks for itself. They are only in there for minor offenses nothing serious, but when you come from a country you do anything you can to try to stay here and not go back that is why you came over here for a reason. Some people don’t understand how bad it is in the home countries of…

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