Essay on Illegal Immigrants And The United States

2075 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
In 2014, approximately 11.4 million people were estimated to be living here in the United States illegally (Krogstad). This overwhelming amount of unauthorized residents affects every American in a substantial way. Most people can agree that social programs like food stamps, medicaid, and other charitable services are great, necessary, or helpful. However, they are only developed for the purpose of getting back on your feet after a setback in life. The programs were not developed for people to live off of and only help themselves. The United States’ social system can only work efficiently when everyone participates, contributes when they can, and most of all, obeys the law. The problem is when illegals get to the U.S., they are allowed to use the American citizens’ system to live off of, without actually contributing to the greater good; the solution will be difficult, but there needs to be a way to keep track of who is coming and going. Illegal immigrants who do not participate in the economic systems, do not have to work as hard for luxuries as a legal citizen does. In this world, if a person wants something, they should go out and work for it, so they can pay for it. It is the individual’s responsibility to make themselves happy. The government’s job is to defend the right to the “American Dream.” It is not the government’s job to make its residents healthy, wealthy, or wise. This means the government should not have to provide free healthcare, pay everyone’s bills, or…

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