Illegal Immigrants And The United States Essays

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In the last 10 years immigration to the United States has drastically increased in ways most people can’t imagine. Between 2000 and 2012, there was a 31.2 percent increase in the foreign-born population. During this period, the immigrant population grew from 31.1 million to 40.8 million people (The Facts on Immigration Today). That is a whole 10 million more people that are in this country illegally. Mexicans are the number one group of people to immigrate to the United States but it ranges to all groups of people. Immigration is becoming such a serious issue in the United States that certain groups could end up becoming the majority rather than the minority they have been for years. Now the United States is affected by illegal immigrants in many ways but the most known way being in the work place, for good and bad reasons. Most people despise the work immigrants do because they do it for such a cheap price that good paying jobs are becoming much harder to find. An immigrant will work for a very low income compared to the average person who expects minimum wage and doesn’t have half the work ethic of an immigrant. In 2005 the average immigrant household only made about 24,000 dollars a year (Wasow). The average American household made 66,000 dollars a year, the difference being an astonishing 44,000 dollar difference. Business owners make much more money when someone works for less and this is why Americans are angered with immigrants in the work place. The NRC…

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