Illegal Immigrants And The United States Essay

2018 Words Mar 18th, 2016 9 Pages
Illegal immigrants are usually considered a problem in the U.S. Is that the truth? Or have people overlooked the facts and evidence proving how beneficial they are. There are Americans who believe that undocumented immigrants cause economic, social, and violent problems to the country. However, in reality, they do the opposite and provide an improved life for immigrants and their families. Illegal immigration is beneficial to America because the positive aspects outweigh the negative. Without the support that illegal immigrants bring, the U.S. economy would become severely damaged. Most immigrants come to the U.S. to work and live their life. They do their part by working the jobs that most Americans would honestly not take which are low paying and harsh. Immigrants can be seen as cheap labor and although this sounds harsh, more businesses are made and more work is done with them. According to a New York Times/ CBS News poll, “74 percent of respondents said illegal immigrants weakened the economy, and only 17 percent believed they had a positive impact. Yet economists are unanimous in contending that both legal and illegal immigration provides a net gain for the economy”(Szumski, Bonnie and Karson 19-20). This supports that most people ignore the actual facts of immigrants and focus on the pure negatives. However, immigrants usually come here for a job because a lot of countries that immigrate can have corrupt governments, extreme poverty, or high unemployment rates. If…

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