Illegal Immigrants And Its Effects On American Citizens Essays

1809 Words Sep 16th, 2014 8 Pages
Today’s economy is rapidly falling short of expectations with no definitive solutions in sight. Our government representatives show more concern for illegal immigrants than the wellbeing of American citizens. Too many people live in the moment instead of looking forward to the future. Boarder enforcement has lowered their standards since the early 1990’s, practically giving illegal immigrants a “free pass” when caught. These immigrants are processed through immigration offices faster than a stop at your local DMV. They are loaded on a bus after a slap on the wrist, again to be driven back across their respective boarders to be set free not more than a few miles from where they were apprehended on U.S soil. Our nation is treading in deep water and has been for some time. The real problem is everyone is getting tired and uncertain of how long we can actually stay afloat. The American citizen doesn’t want the complete exile of illegal immigrants, they know the key roles they play in our everyday lives. With that said though, our economy doesn’t need the influx of illegal immigrants if they applied and upheld the current immigration laws along with holding violators accountable for their actions. Education, small businesses, law enforcement and our homeland security are taking the brunt of the crises, additionally the political aspect of this isn’t helping either. These areas are of major concern. Strict regulations and steeper penalties for violations need implementing.…

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