Illegal Immigrants : A Nation Of Immigrants Essay

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“A Nation of Immigrants”

Just as any coin has two sides, the debate for legalizing illegal immigrants is the same. Whether illegal immigrants really affect the U.S economy? And whether they should make them legal and get the benefits from them? This creates a huge debate between people that support and against it. If U.S gives the immigrants citizenship, the economy would rise in an enormous way and the U.S government would be able to benefit from them in many ways.
An immigrant is a person who comes to another country to start a new life and take a permanent residency. Whereas an illegal immigrant is a person that enters a country with illegal papers and resides there without proper visas or documents. The 2010 US Census reported that 10 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States (“Illegal Immigrants”). People violate the rules and enter the United States in many ways; they sneak without proper documents or permission, or enter with unlawful or temporary permits such as visas and stay after the permitted time.
It had become one of the most common issues in the United States; many argue that these illegal immigrants are causing a decrease in the economic level. They are blamed for various societal problems, including illness, crime, unemployment and low wages. But is this true? Are they really responsible for all these? These illegal immigrants are contributing to the rise of the economic level in the nation. They work hard in low payment jobs, support their…

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