Illegal Drugs And The United States Essay

1951 Words Mar 16th, 2015 null Page
As children grow up in the United States, they are accustomed to the anti-drug propaganda to which everyone has been exposed to since very young ages. The United States have programs such as D.A.R.E, where police officers come into a classroom of middle school children, and educate them about the effects of drug abuse. “SAY NO TO DRUGS!” is a phrase that is mostly embedded in everyone’s head. Advertisements on television and posters on billboards have become more clever to reach out to different age dynamics and different groups of people. Yet, there is a consistent rate of drug abusers even though the federal government has banned illicit drugs and means are taken to control the drug abuse. But what if, the government wasn’t particularly concerned with the drug abuse? What if the politicians and the police force were in agreement, that there wasn’t a drug problem plaguing the country? What if it was discarded as a foreign problem, which would not affect the lives of the youth in the nation? One such account is occurring in Argentina. Argentina suffered two major waves of drug panics. The first was in the early 1900’s. In which Argentina ’s police and medical authorities wanted to work on regulating a framework deal with the newly perceived problem. The problem grew with the developments in international drug control. The government of Argentina sent a specialist in legal medicine Francisco de Veyga as an observer to the First International Opium Conference in 1911. He…

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