Illegal Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages Essay

1085 Words Mar 23rd, 2015 5 Pages
As always the people of Earth enjoy disobeying the government and as more laws are passed the people will always attempt to find a loophole or simply disregard it to go have fun in creating chaos doing, according to most rebels “Fun things.” Obviously during this huge time lapse Americans did have a good time being themselves and getting drunk in their secret speakeasies; also considering the fact that these people had to keep it on the down low, being careful with the people they consider friends which with any moment all the two hundred people in the saloon could get exposed and be arrested for illegal consumption of alcoholic beverages. One as an analyst can not come to the conclusion that one hundred percent of the people during this time period did have a good time but we can conclude that more than 3 quarters did live the life; that would later on inspire a great writer to write a world class novel during this time period, the notorious 1920’s. The 1920’s is well known as “The Roaring Twenties”, “Prohibition Era” but why? Well this decade of mischievous recklessness acquired those world famed nicknames by scandalous actions done throughout this defining epoch, murderous gang violence: huge tempered riots: Government and local formation of Unions to help outlaw the repulsive liquid from spreading any more that filled any city like a pandemic disease striking down anybody coming into contact with it: and major altercation to the society. Nobody loved the…

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