Ikea's Organizational Behavior Essay

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IKEA is known for its strong organizational values, which are based on Swedish norms and in particular the opinions and values of the founder himself. It is not unusual to see IKEA employees following the norms and values even outside the working hours, but how important is OB really for IKEA?


A Swedish 17-year-old man named Ingvar Kampard founded Ikea in 1943. It all began with the Ikea catalogue that was sent from house to house, which is still known today as Ikeas signature. In 1948 the range of IKEA products extended to furniture and by 1958 the first store is opened.

By the end of the seventies, Ikea manages to not only open stores all over Europe, but in Canada and Australia
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Even among the higher positioned jobs such as warehouse responsible, it's equally divided, 52.5% measured to be women and 47.5% men. However, when you are getting really high up in the working positions, such as the top board, there are no women.

According to Håkan Sandman, the Marketing Director of IKEA France, the gender diversity is very equal overall; but that it also depends on what department one is looking at. Human Resources department tend to be mostly women, as well as the Marketing department where Mr. Sandman is the only man.

This pie chart represents employees’ gender distribution at IKEA globally, but for example in Sweden it looks different:

The age distribution in IKEA Globally:
Workforce Diversity: Ethnicity

Ikeas main philosophy is “The People Philosophy”: though in the past their strategy was “Swedes”, they have abandoned it in 1998 with the rise of globalization. Currently they have a lot of long-time workers from different cultures and backgrounds. IKEA sees the diversity matter as a subject for creating more challenging business atmosphere. France’s new store in Avignon has staff from 21 different nationalities.
Since 1998 they have changed their recruitment base to: including everyone and not just Swedish people. Recruited staff are immediately made aware of IKEA`s cultural diversity philosophy; first day at work new staff get exercise to tell

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