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Internationalization of IKEA in the Japanese market and Chinese markets

Date Level Authors June 4, 2008 Master Thesis EFO705, 10 points (15 credits) Wannapa Chaletanone (05-11-1982, Thailand) Wanee Cheancharadpong (03-09-1983, Thailand) Internationalization of IKEA in the Japanese and Chinese markets Leif Linnskog Why did IKEA internationalize into Japanese and Chinese markets? And what factors did influence IKEA’s success in Chinese market but failure in the Japanese market of the first round? The aim of thesis is to understand the internationalization of IKEA in Asia by comparing between Japanese and Chinese markets. This master thesis based on qualitative approach in order to investigate the internationalization of IKEA in
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This Master Thesis would never be completed without your support and confidence in us. The greatest gratitude of all, however, we reserve to our parents. They have been a source of warm and enthusiastic support throughout our days in the Master program. We would not have passed through all difficulty and problems without them. Needless to say, any errors or shortcoming in fact or interpretation in this thesis is our responsibility alone.

1.1 Background
IKEA was established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in order to sell pens, wallets and picture frame. In 1958, IKEA was introduced as a leader of Swedish Furniture Company. They started from producing local furniture by local manufacturers and gained positive attention from customers. Later, they began to create furniture for flat packs and self-assembly in order to reduce storage space which is the prominent style of IKEA. They are also expanding the business line such as restaurant and kitchenware. IKEA, the largest furniture display in Scandinavia, opened the first store in Almhult, Sweden. Then, they opened more stores in other countries such as Norway, Denmark and Germany. They do not only offer inspiring home furnishing solutions to customers while keep the prices affordable for people but also locate in less-expensive areas in different countries. Nowadays, IKEA is the major retail company that experience in 36 countries around the world. Though, there are

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