Essay on Ikea 's Manager For Carpets

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In 1995, Marianne Barner, IKEA’s manager for carpets, faced a difficult situation when one of their Indian rug supplier apparently was involved with the use of child labor in the manufacture of its products for IKEA. Even though they had a contract where IKEA explicitly forbid the use of child labor. These Allegations generated mixed opinion regarding the future of all the Indian carpet suppliers and the company was studying the future impacts of its decision.
In order to assess and give recommendations to IKEA, it is important to fully understand the operations and the values that drive the company, ant its philosophy. Since was founded in 1954 by Ingvar Kamprad the Swedish company’s vision of “creating a better life for the many people” inspired them to develop high quality and lower cost products in the furniture business, and almost a decade later, after they consolidate in the Swedish market, they made the decision to expand abroad opening stores in Northway and Denmark respectively (Exhibit 1). With a relatively rapid expansion the company needed to transmit their unique philosophy and created the testament of a furniture Dealer and trained ambassadors to help spread and secure the firm’s values (Exhibit 3). Furthermore, IKEA’s adopted another principle, the company preferred focus on establish close ties with business partners and supporting their suppliers in a long-term relationship rather than just production. Due to this principles IKEA was able to develop new…

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