Essay on Ikea Marketing Analysis

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The aim of this case study is to demonstrate IKEA’s marketing strategies, how succeeded in creating this brand name and retained its reputation for years.
Will discuss all IKEA’s adopted strategies, products development, global presence and all challenges have to conquer to stay afloat.

This report presents a case study of IKEA’s performance from different prospective, The importance of designing a customer centred marketing strategy and the implementation of such a strategy through the marketing mix

The results express what the company must do to expand globally by maintaining good customers’ relationship and capturing customer
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The strengths of a company or group add value to it, and can be what give it the edge in some areas over the competitors. • Easy goods transportation due to flat packaging which reduces the cost as well • Strong brand and reputation over decays • Unique stores and shopping experience, which usually located in urban areas • ‘Democratic design’, combination of attractive designs, high functionality and low cost • Company with clear vision and unique concept • Strong distribution network • Rapid profitability
2.2 Weaknesses
Weaknesses of IKEA are areas that need to be improved or perform better, which are under their control • Niche market, where simple designs don’t attract everyone • Low cost emphasising could affect the brand name quality • Quality not acceptable in some markets

2.3 Opportunities:
Opportunities are external changes, trends or needs that could enhance IKEA's

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