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MIS 6110 – Management Information Systems Full name: Nguyen Thu Hien Date of birth: 18/11/1983 Class: MBA – CMU 7A. Total pages: 7


IHOP COOKS CUSTOMER DATA TO ORDER IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is known as a supplier of the most delicious pancakes for dinner in the U.S. and Canada. The company has more than 90% of Americans know the name brand, restaurant owners and 1200 to more than 90% of which is proprietary agents. Although many studies have trends, customer preferences, but information systems management firm is not operating effectively, so the company decided to build and apply information technology into their management systems such as
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Patrick Piccininno not know if the franchise is having problems or trends are not identical. So when customers want to analyze in that area, then back to Patrick Piccininno to data processing systems of the region to find out that instead of sitting at the office access to data systems company. Doing this causes loss of time and money costly. At IHOP to communicate with the clients through email system, so some mail is not processed in time to make the customer lacks confidence. The customer data collected from six different point of sale systems, human resource systems and different financial systems also influence the decision dinh.Nhu it will also reduce competition.

IHOP although it may build a completely new system based on centralized data centers of the company - a source of unique information for the entire IHOP's store, however this solution is very costly and complex, requiring a series of technological change, organizational processes and therefore can hardly be implemented. Moreover, if this method of IHOP, the entire system of old data can not be integrated into the new system, so it's IHOP solution impossible.

In addition, the reporting system as well as customer care face many difficulties due to technological obstacles, the time factor and how management may be optimized.

3. How has the company chosen to improve its

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