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ITSP #1 Assignment Hints
Business Statement: Review the case-study overview and incorporate the information into this section. Include the type of business we are in, geographical information, background, and the current economic climate as well as future financial goals.
Business Strategic Objectives: Under the Administration section of the case study, the three new strategies are underlined. List them with an elaboration on each. Add one not listed/related to the three and discuss it. There are also three federal and state mandates listed which can be considered and incorporated as your new strategic objective. Do not incorporate old technology such as the use of cell phones and fax machines. Be innovative and consider the use
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A mission statement focuses on the present: what the IT Department does today for the company and customers, why it exists. The IT vision statement should focus on the future: what the department wants IT to be for the company and customers in the future. * Links on writing mission statements: * Answer 4 Questions to Get a Great Mission Statement: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickhull/2013/01/10/answer-4-questions-to-get-a-great-mission-statement/ * Sample Team / Departmental Mission Statements: https://www.missionstatements.com/team_mission_statements.html * IT Mission, Vision and Values Statements - CIO.com: http://www.cio.com/article/9311/IT_Mission_Vision_and_Values_Statements * FedEx Mission: http://about.van.fedex.com/our-story/overview/
Governance: Ensure that you cover: (1) who the participants are, (2) what are their roles on the governance board (related to their roles in the organization), (3) what governance methodology/framework will be used, (4)

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