Essay on IFSM 300 UMUC Haircuts State IV

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Stage IV
IFSM 300
1 March 2015

I. Project Description:
A. Introduction
1. Strategy for Competitive Advantage: Incorporating a business computer network
2. Business Process to Improve: Customer interaction B. Proposed solution and IT components needed to implement the project. 1. Selected system
a) In order to meet our objective of process improvement, we will use the software and services provided from a company called AppointmentPlus.
b) AppointmentPlus is a fast growing company in this industry with over 1 million current customers. The Application Program Interface (API) integration systems they use are state of the art and they provide all needed support and management of the entire IT infrastructure,
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D. Programming or System Configuration – This portion of the SDLC was completed by the installation team and monitored by management personnel.
E. Testing – This portion of the SDLC was completed by the installation team, with a brief of specific results provided to the management team.
F. Implementation – This is the most important portion of the SDLC. To be successful with implementing the program, management must ensure that all employees are fully trained and proficient with system operations. Also, management must be proficient on solving any minor issues that may arise with the system. Once these things are met, the new system and procedures will be implemented.
G. Operations and Maintenance – Operations will take place on a day-to-day basis with employee and management interaction. Minor preventive maintenance will be tracked and scheduled by management to ensure the system is maintained and the warranty is not voided. Any maintenance that will require outside assistance will be scheduled outside of normal business hours as much as possible not to interfere with day-to-day business and prevent long downtimes.

IV. Business Process Changes – Once the system is implemented, electronic scheduling will be the primary process for all scheduling. Paper scheduling will

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