Ifac Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The IFAC has 172 members in 129 countries, unlike the AICPA which has over 375,000 members; however, the IFAC represents over 2.5 million accountants throughout the world. The mission of the IFAC is to develop standards and guidance to accountants and help them implement high quality standards in their own practices. Both the AICPA and IFAC promote cooperation, high quality standards, and implementation of standards so that members can be the best that they can be. They both promote implementation of core programs for ethical behavior and provide missions to uphold the highest quality of the accounting …show more content…
What might be ethical to me, might not be ethical to the woman in India. I have my faith, guidance, and a strong set of morals that were taught to me by my parents when I was growing up. They instilled in me a moral sense of what was right and what was wrong. I grew up in a loving home, with food on the table every night and a bed to sleep in. The same woman in India might have had to sleep on the street, only be able to eat once a day, and had parents that worked twelve to fourteen hour days. So, how could there be an ethical guide that would fit two such different …show more content…
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