`` If You Forget Me `` By George Gordon Byron Essay

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What is love? Love can be defined as “An intense feeling of love or affection.” Love today is mostly seen as two people showing a strong romantic affection within one another. However, sometimes love can be interpreted differently such as loving a pet, friend, or even family. George Gordon Byron 's approach to love in “She Walks in Beauty” expresses one’s beauty over love itself while Pablo Neruda’s “If You Forget Me” focuses on the sadness and rejection brought when it comes to forgetting a lover. Thus, proving how love can have different meanings depending on others relationships and personal experiences.
There are times where love may not be expressed at all, but instead illustrates it through admiration. In “She Walks in Beauty”, the speaker does not ever mention being in love with whom he is describing. In fact, the speaker shows his strong admiration of the woman. The use of the soft and simple languages rather than the heavy, intellectual words is significant, as it demonstrates the pure, easily noticeable beauty of the woman. For example, the speaker idealizes the woman to “night” instead of “day” as it expressed how she does not seem as bright as the other women. Despite this, the speaker goes into detail of the external beauty of the woman and it shows how beautiful she is in a different way, just the way she is. The contrast between those words portrays the speaker’s perspective towards the beautifulness of the woman is what makes her special. Besides, the…

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