If Only You Knew ' Essay

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The autobiography ‘If only you knew’ is an honest, humorous, and at times shocking, recount of Jacy Arthur’s personal experiences of growing up with cerebral palsy. Due to contact with a range of individuals with various lenses of disability, Jacy shares both positive and negative experiences within her school and community (Arthur, 2011). Due to her optimistic outlook, supportive family, high level of extra-curricular involvement, and building of strong friendships, it is believed that Jacy has been able to experience a reasonably high quality of life (Arthur, 2011; Freeborn & Knafl, 2014; Lindsay & Mcpherson, 2012b). Nonetheless, Jacy has faced a number of obstacles, including bullying, intolerant societal attitudes and environmental barriers, which have threatened to influence her sense of value and confidence (Arthur, 2011; Lindsay & Mcpherson, 2012a). This assignment will explore Jacy’s experience of disability, and investigate how community and societal attitudes have affected her quality of life, opportunities and sense of autonomy.

Community attitudes
According to the social model of disability, community attitudes and expectations can construct environmental and societal barriers (Dempsey & Nankervis, 2006a; Goodley, 2011). Therefore, the views of communities towards disability impact how individuals experience disability (Dempsey & Nankervis, 2006). Due to “bigoted attitudes” within society towards disability, Jacy has had a number of negative…

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