If One Guitar Is Good, Then Two Guitars Are Better Right? Essay

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If one guitar is good, then two guitars are better right? This can be true depending on the kind of music you are recording. Let’s look at a few ways to double up on guitar parts while recording and mixing that can add some excitement and dimension to a recording.

Create the guitar wall of doom
If you are into heavy guitar sounds, I know that I already have your attention. With words like “doom” describing your sound, what’s not to like?

When recording those bone crushing rhythm guitar tracks, have the guitarist record two or more identical takes. Pan one take far to the left and the other far to the right. You could pan the first 50 takes to the right and the other 50 to the left, but I think that is why the saying “less is more” was invented. Once you hear the effect this has on the guitar sound, you will recognize it in popular rock recordings galore. This trick works with lead guitar parts if you have a guitar player who can handle tracking the same lead twice with any accuracy.

Try the above trick but use three takes and allow one of them to be panned center and take the bulk of the spotlight while the other two are panned left and right. Bring the volume down on the panned guitar takes to ensure that they support the overall sound while still allowing the clarity of the center track to be dominant.

Having presented the above idea, I think that it’s worth stating that it would be a pity to rely on this trick so much that you do not know how to get a large,…

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