If Law Is Not An Effective Communicator Essay

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If law is not an effective communicator, then perhaps films are. The reality is that we do not know law. Our educational system disregards the importance of law structure in our society creating a vacuum of ignorance that can be filled with right wing ideology as showcased in the 1970’s. Films fill our ignorance of current events due to the cultural weight they carry. They open up new perspectives and realities. Television is the modern entertainment, it is the modern Flavian Amphitheater, the source of pleasure, the source of acquired knowledge, and the main source of cultural digestion. History has proven the influence films carry when they distract American cities form the reality, or simply fill their heads with new insight. 12 Angry Men (1957) a great filmed that addressed ongoing social change in American way of thinking. This film demonstrates the power of film through introduction of new outlooks, it addresses social restructure in a broken America, and demonstrates the power of logical discernment through cooperation. This movie holds many truths hidden in plane sight and my duty is to give a constructive knowledgeable opinion on this film. I will address the historic period this film was released in and how this films ideology influenced the American public. I will get my biased opinion out of the way. I loved this film. The first time I saw this film, I did not read too much into it. I enjoyed the different personalities in the film and how the film drastically…

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