If I Were Hired As An Educational Consultant Essay

779 Words Feb 15th, 2016 4 Pages
If I were hired as an educational consultant to the president of the United States and had to propose things concerning preschool education, not many things would be different than it is for grade school. Like primary and secondary school, I feel like it is essential for preschoolers to be receiving some sort of education based learning in a classroom environment. This type of education will prepare young children for what lies ahead of them in grade school and up. As an educational consultant I would propose a couple of policies that I would you suggest to the federal government. Those policies being, like primary and secondary schools, it would be mandatory for children to be enrolled in some form of early childhood education by the age of four year old. I would recommend and try to administer this policy because, I believe that it is crucial for children to have some prior educational knowledge before beginning school. Also, I would suggest the policy that preschool is made accessible to all families. Because I feel the need to make preschool obligatory, it only makes sense to make it available to everyone even those of the lower class who may not be able to afford it. So therefore, my second policy would be that public preschool is also free, similar to primary and secondary schooling. In addition, specific special education that I believe are most important for preschool children should be given are learning the alphabets, learning shapes and colors, and learning…

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