If I Was Stranded On A Single Father With Two Kids

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If I was stranded on a deserted island and a lifeboat came and I had to choose between a healthy three-year-old, an elderly Nobel Prize winner, a single father of two young children, a thirty-year-old decorated combat veteran, and a middle-aged doctor who has performed life-saving surgery to save, I would choose to save the single father with two kids. It would be a hard decision to make but having two kids I would want them to have a father. I would choose to save the father of two because he is a single father. What if his wife has died, then his kids would have no parents. Another reason is since he is grown, but not too old, he has a better survival rate than the others that are left. Since he is a grown adult, he is healthy, and may not complain as much as a three-ear-old. With him …show more content…
The kid could easily get sick being out on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Since I choose not to bring the doctor, I would have no way to help the kid. The kid would not survive being sick with no help, being young and not being able to fight the sickness off itself. The three-year-old does not have a high survival rate being on a boat out in the ocean, with limited food, and water. Also, bringing a small child on to the boat, could be a safety hazard. There would be lots of people crammed on to the lifeboat and no room to run around, even if there was running room, the lifeboat could pop and break, then there would be no boat and nobody would not survive. Three-year-old’s cry about everything, if they’re hungry, tired, or just want too, they cry about everything. Being on a crammed lifeboat with a crying baby would not be fun, or healthy. Crying all the time might get the baby over thrown, causing death. The only good thing out of saving the three-year-old, would be if the kid made it back alive, the kid would be able to grow up, and have a full

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