Reflective Essay: If I Going To Miss High School

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Over the summer, people would ask me if I am going to miss high school. There were times when I thought I would. I spent four years of my life going to the same place everyday. I thought I was going to be lost without it. By the time summer was over, college was just around the corner. This is my first semester of college; and it’s already ten times better than high school. My point is that high school is a good experience and we all have go through it, but college teaches us how to manage our own time, balance your responsibilities, set priorities, and it will set us up for a better future.
I had great friends and I was involved in a lot of after school activities. My first two years there was fine, but by the time junior year came around I was done. When I was finally a senior, I would wake up at 7:30 and go to school. I would attend most of the football and soccer games to cheer on my friends. I remember being there in the stands and feeling like it was never going to end.
A couple months ago, a friend begged me to go to Northwood to pick up our friend
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I do not have classes on Fridays. All of my classes are early in the day. Each day I am done at 12:15. It is really great, because then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Also by having my classes end at noon, I can still nanny. Everyone I have met in college so far is working. When I was in high school it was really hard to be a nanny. The kids got out of school before I did. At the beginning of my senior year I was a nanny. Right when class got out I had to run to my car and hurry to pick up the kids at their school. It was a stressful couple of months; I was not happy. The day that I stopped working for that family, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My friends and I would hang out in the parking and we would go out to eat after school. With having early classes, I do not have to rush to pick up the kids that I nanny for

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