Personal Statement: Could I Be A Teacher?

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Could I be a teacher?
It has always been a dream of mine to continue my education and for the past four years I have worked toward a degree in Elementary Education. I chose Utah State University because it has a reputation for high standards and quality education which prepares students to become some of the best teachers in the nation. The four levels of the Elementary Education program and Utah Education Teaching Standards will help equip me with the necessary tools to meet the needs of future students. My experience in Level I has shown me that I can be a teacher as long as I am willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve my goals. The teacher education program at USU will provide me with the necessary knowledge background to accomplish
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Anyone wanting to enter the education field should ask themselves if they should be a teacher. It not only takes a lot of patience to work with children every day, but a willingness to be loving, kind, and gentle to each student. A teacher needs to be knowledgeable and always striving to provide the best instruction. I believe I should be a teacher because I possess the characteristics of an effective teacher. One of the most important things I learned this semester is that teachers are lifelong learners. This is exciting because I have a passion for learning and growing. This excitement for learning is what I want to share with students as well as help them develop a love for learning. Another important thing I have taken from this class is the importance of showing children you genuinely care. I believe children are amazing, their minds are open and ready to learn. My talent for showing love will create an environment where students will feel valued and safe. Even with an excitement for learning and a big heart teachers still need to know how to provide quality instruction to be considered an effective …show more content…
If someone asked me before having children if teaching is something I would consider pursuing the answer would be no. Through the years my experience with children has been limited to nieces and nephews. It was not until becoming a mother and watching my child grow and learn that I decided to become a teacher.
A few months before my daughter started elementary school we found ourselves observing a kindergarten class. Watching the teacher interact with the kids and being in a learning environment felt right. It brought back many of the wonderful feelings I had towards my own education. I was excited to be involved with my daughter’s education as she began her learning career.
When my daughter started kindergarten I would volunteer a couple times a week in her classroom. It was there I saw how amazing children really are. The time spent in her classroom only fueled my desire to be a teacher. By the end of the school year I had gotten to know the children in the classroom and saw how much they had grown. They not only grew physically but intellectually as well. I wanted to be part of this growing and learning process. I wanted to be a

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