Essay about If He Holler Let Him Go By Chester Himes

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Segregation between blacks and whites had many differences and conflicts during 1940 's. No one truly understand what African American people go through just because of there skin tone. During 1940 's, whites used to be top class and black were at the bottom. The passing of the Jim Crow Law try to make equality between the two but still made a big conflict of why whites are treated better. In the novel, "If He Holler Let Him Go" by Chester Himes talks about a black man, Bob Jones, and the challenges he faced during this time period. The novel symbolizes struggles of Jones and possibly the rest of the black community.

During the novel Bob Jones has multiple dreams that means something to him and different situations where it portrays segregation and oppression,. The novel starts off with a dream that Bob was having, "I dreamed a fellow asked me if I wanted a dog and I said yeah, I 'd like to have a dog..."(1), it expresses how the black society struggle. The "wire" wrapped around the dogs neck is a way of expressing how blacks feel to white. No matter how hard they try to get free they will be pulled back to the same place they 've started. In one dream Bob says" I don’t mind their not giving me a job, but their laughing at m hurt. I felt small and humiliated and desperate, looking at the two white men laughing at me",(2) the white made him feel like he wasn’t enough to do anything, like he was uneducated. Just because he didn’t have tools they thought he could do the job.…

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