Essay on If God Does Not Know About God

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“When God realizes that He has made an error in judgment or that things did not unfold as He supposed, He can change His mind” (Challies). Because God does not know the future he learns just like humans do. If God is learning, then he is also prone to make mistakes due to error in judgement. If God lacks something, then he has room for growth. If God has room for growth, then he has potentiality. If he has potential that would mean he is missing something, which means he would need something; he would have to be made up for parts. If God is made up of parts, then something would have to precede him to put those parts together. Anything that precedes God, by definition, would be called God. For God to be God he must be consistent across the board – pure actuality with no potentiality.
Moving right along, Open Theists believe that God is not “all knowing,” rather, he only knows the beginning and the end, but not the middle. The thing about endings is there is always a beginning and middle that precede it. To know the end, one must travel from the beginning to get there through a voyage known as the middle. Simply speaking, if one knows the beginning and the end, one must also know the middle. When it comes to evil and suffering, Open Theists say that God would do something about the evil that will occur if he knew about it and could, but he does not know. Again, it does not add up because if he knows the beginning and the end, he would also know the middle. He…

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