Essay on If Does Apple 's Money Comes From?

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Where does apple 's money comes from? Mostly from Iphones. But the company also gets some money from Macs and Ipads, our graphic team made this infographic to explain apple 's business model. A ipod alone makes $2,286,000,000 this is a lot of money for a product like this one. Accessories makes $6,093,000,000 more than the Ipod. Itunes and software makes $19,603,000,000 this doesn 't surprise me . Getting songs and buying them helps them to make their apple products get more money out a device. I have spend in itunes on my phone a year about $100 or even more. Many people that have a iphone have to buy songs to have any in three phone. Unless you get a app but it 's not the same. Mac computers there is many types and shapes. The apple product Mac makes $24,079,000,000. This is believable because it 's a good computers to have for business, school and work. Ipad I personally have one it works great 1 year with it and nothing has gone bad everything works just like new. A ipad alone makes $30,283,000,000. Iphone is the biggest bought in apple company they make $101,991,000,000 this is so crazy to me. A lot of people have Iphones including crystal and I. In total Apple company makes over $182,795,000,000 a year. Did you know that apple and nike introduced Nike and Ipod, including an in shoe sensor to track the wearer 's workout on their Ipod nano. I have this in my phone I don 't really use it but it 's cool to use if you exercise a lot. It lets you know how you 're doing when…

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