If Bucks Would Commit Suicide Essay

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Fleur is perceptive, and she often makes true predictions that may seem false; in contrast, Sir Quentin cannot tell fiction from reality, so he often concocts ridiculous theories that prove to be ultimately wrong. For instance, Wally and Fleur discuss reasons as to why Bucks would commit suicide, and Fleur states, “Maybe someone was getting her down”, which was true. However, Wally asks her to explain her reasoning for making that statement. Fleur states, “I’m a novelist, you know” (118). Her novelist’s intuition proves to be true on many occasions throughout the novel. For example, she suspected that “Quentin was revealing himself chapter by chapter to be a type of and consummation of Warrender Chase” (44). Fleur’s prediction sounds unlikely; in fact, Fleur has no knowledge that Sir Quentin has read her novel at all, so it would seem that Fleur has no background information to support her claim. Nevertheless, her claim is true. One of the biggest prophesies that Fleur made —“I have written a novel that’s going to be a success”— came true (88). Although Fleur meets adversity and criticism for her novel at first, after she meets with the Triad Press, Fleur “sold the American rights, the paperback rights, the film rights, and most of the foreign rights of Warrender Chase” (165). Although Spark does not explicitly state that Warrender Chase was a success, one can see that the novel was, in fact, a major success. In contrast, Quentin‘s theories may appear to be true at first…

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