Essay about Ideology Is A System Of Meaning

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Ideology is a system of meaning that helps define and explain the world and that makes value judgments about that world (Croteau 152). It relates to ideas such as worldwide views, beliefs, and values and how the world is defined (Croteau 152-153). Ideology does not reflect reality; however it helps explains the message that is portrayed in media (Croteau 153). It also shows what the message tells us about ourselves as well as the society we live in (Croteau 153). Ideologies are often changing in media over time and it can be seen in all kinds of mass media, for instance in film or in television.
Examples of ideologies can vary throughout the media depending on what is accepted and what is not accepted. In the past, race and gender was considered ideological because almost all of the television shows that aired consisted of families that were white (Croteau 153). If African Americans were on television shows, they played roles of a midwife or a musician. Another example of an ideological idea is that males were the breadwinners and the females were stay-at-home moms (Croteau 153). These images are not seen in today’s television programs, but these ideologies in this time period showed who is and who is not worthy and which roles are for which groups of people (Croteau 153).
Television is the most dominate form of media because the audience size is large, therefore ideologies are mostly analyzed in television (Croteau 170). People tend to forget about actual reality when…

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