Ideologies, Nationalism, And Their Core Foundation Essay

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Ideologies are meant to unify people, motivate them toward a certain direction, and most importantly, ideologies serve as a justification system—allowing people to rationalize their own actions and the political system. Ideologies certainly have the potential to promote and carry out genocide, however, particular ideologies are predisposed to genocidal acts. For instance, Nazi ideology was the powerful force behind the genocide, but more notably, the Nazi ideology was prone to genocidal acts. Nazism had three distinct components along with the six uses of ideology that were combined together to promote genocide. The three distinct components used were anti-Semitism, nationalism, and their core foundation Führerprinzip, which was the leadership principle. Goldhagen argues that given the right type of ideology, ordinary people can become extraordinary killers. More specifically, Goldhagen claims that “over a century before the Nazis came to power, virtually all Germans had come to believe in an ‘eliminationist’ variant of anti-Semitism” (Waller, 2007). This eliminationist ideology indicated that the Jewish race was biologically inferior, and this inferior, evil race was the cause behind all of the problems of Germany. Therefore, if the Jewish population was behind all of the suffering of German people, then there must be an elimination from German society. This ideology had already unified the German people many years before the Holocaust. With the German society already…

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