Identity vs Society Essay

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Elizabeth Gamboa
Professor Picardi
Eng. 102 Title - Identity: The Individual vs. Society We all develop identity from the world around us. Society offers us a wide variety of roles to play, and we are rewarded if we play them as well as possible. We fail to realize that being teenagers, parents, workers, doctors, and etc. are just roles and assume that we are simply participating in a genuine life. No matter how much effort a person puts into his or her own image, in the end it’s all a fraud, psychologically speaking, because so much of our lives is unconscious. From all the things that appeal to us in the world, we create images of how we want to see ourselves. We try to make ourselves seen in the world so our images can be
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The ego must mediate between the two opposing forces. Human nature needs both civilized and instinctual forces in order to function correctly. The result of this repression is that Brown not only separates himself from the dark desires of his unconscious, he now views the rest of the world as being evil. He loses his “Faith” and as a result loses any belief that good exists on the earth. (Ferrara. Lines 29-31)
Believe nothing that is heard, some of what is read, and all that is seen is the way Brown views life after following the darkness. Faith requires believing in what is heard and read. Society’s way of life in his time (1804-1864) impacted Brown’s beliefs and changed him, maybe not for the better. Nancy S. Netting, a Sociology Professor at Okanagan University College wrote in her article titled “Can an Individual Change Society? Empowering students in a Context of Social Reality,” “Society continually influences individuals, as individuals influence society.” In order to live a full life individuals have to face society and choose whether to be a leader or a follower. Making our own decisions is the first step

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