Identity Theft Research Paper

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In criminalistics of computer forensics class I have learned all types of crimes from auction fraud, credit card fraud, cellular fraud and my absolute favorite topic which is identity theft. Everyone probably doesn’t think that identity theft is a real crime. Believe it or not identity theft is one of the topic crimes in America today. Identity theft is often in the news. It is sad because someone will profit off of another loses. Identity theft is where the illegal use of someone else 's personal information especially in order to obtain money or credit (Johnson, 2014). When it comes to identity theft there are all types of ways to commit identity theft. This paper will be an overview over all aspects of identity theft. After reviewing …show more content…
The types of identity thefts that happen are financial identity theft. Also, used in the first case due to her finances being tampered with. Financial identity theft is where there has been in breach in credit reports and bank accounts (Stroup, 2014). As I did my thesis paper on white collar crimes. I have come across insurance fraud. Insurance fraud means doctors’ offices and others that do not report certain claims. Insurance fraud can also be committed by not reporting monies that come into the business. Social Security identity theft when it comes to taken someone information. Social security fraud takes place when a party intentionally gives false information, conceals facts, or uses a Social Security number illegally to receive benefits from the Social Security system (Stroup, 2014). With someone’s information a suspect can purchase anything if they have access to the number. Social security numbers are something that people may only have to identify them. There are many other types of identity theft but these are the main ones that are normally brought to court and people are prosecuted for these …show more content…
There is always going to be someone who wants or tries to bet the system. With a lot of identity theft going on people have to keep the information safe, and secured. No matter how much they keep their information sometimes things to slip through the cracks unfortunately it is bad for those that do slip through the cracks. As a whole there many steps on how we can deter from identity theft. There is new technology that surfaces around the world every day. There is nonfinancial personal information you reveal online on day to day bases and that is enough for anyone who is fishing for information to obtain it. There should be a limit of information that is put on the websites today. Also, most information can be stolen while on vacation. Identity thieves love travelers and tourists. The reason they love is because they leave their important information out. They also ask questions sometimes using personal information. When this happens if you are on vacation or traveling anywhere and you notice that your information has been taken or used contact banks, credit burros and even the local police as soon as possible. Never use the same password for all of your accounts. Always change password from account to account. When you are in a store whether it is grocery, fast food or retail store pay attention at the checkout line. If a cashier or salesperson takes your card and either turns

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