Assess How To Investigate Identity Theft

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2. Assess how you would investigate identity theft. Unit 3. Having personal information on one’s identity stolen for fraudulent purposes, known as identity theft, is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. The criminals that conduct this type of crime are also the most difficult to apprehend and incarcerate because they usually never make personal contact with the victims. Everyday activities such as selling an old computer, filling the car up with gas, going out to eat, or simply taking out one’s trash can result in identity theft. For that reason, identity theft is easier to prevent than prosecute. The objectives of a criminal investigation on identity theft are gathering evidence, affecting an arrest of the criminal, collecting and presenting …show more content…
• Address (home and work) of the victim.
• Account numbers involved in the theft and names of primary and secondary account holders.
• When and how the identity theft was discovered, and under what circumstances the victim became aware of the identity theft.
• Exact location (addresses, business, persons involved) where the fraudulent use of identity occurred.
• Names of financial institutions the victim notified of the identity theft, along with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of customer service representative or investigators who accepted the report, the dates and times of the reports, a brief summary of the conversation, and copies of any email messages or faxes sent to or received from the financial institutions.
• Photocopies of any letters, account statements, and any other documents associated with the case.
• A chronological log of the theft and the victim’s actions since the discovery of the theft, to include information about the discovery, possible locations of the theft, and names or descriptions of persons around when the theft might have occurred (Dashido,

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