Identity Theft And Its Roots Back Before The Internet Essay

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Identity Theft
The history of identity theft can trace its roots back before the Internet became the main avenue of communication. Moreover, the internet is an important avenue for criminals to obtain and acquire any information they want to steal the identity of a person. Primarily, it is used to take advantage of individuals, once necessary information about the targeted individual is obtained. The most common methods used to obtain the personal information such as credit card number, banking information, and social security number is from the personal or business trash, snail-mail box, and stolen or lost wallets (Harrell). Primarily, if an individual throws away personal information such as back statements, tax return statement, and preapproved credit card offer or any official form containing personal information, then he or she can be targeted for theft identity. It is important that people make use of a paper shredder to destroy such information.
Identity fraud and theft identity are terms used to describe all types of crimes when individuals wrongfully use or obtain another person’s data or information in a way that involves deception or fraud for economic gain (Identity Theft). Identity theft, therefore, encompasses several activities that include the collection of personal information, the creation of identity documents, and the process of fraudulent use of another person’s information for personal gain. Primarily, identity theft occurs when…

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