Identity Is The Way That The People Around See You And How Strangers See Yourself

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Your identity is credential to how you see yourself, how the people around see you and how strangers see you. Is the first look enough to show who you are? Identity is America is based upon many different factors. Race is a huge identity factor that often gets overlooked or misinterpreted. This stands by the fact that not every race is easily seen on first look, or we are being fooled by someone trying to pass into a different race. Your identity in America is not always what you think it might be.
Being very controversial, “passing” is the way that some people live their lives. Passing is the act of someone from one racial group looking like they belong to a different race. This could go either way, but it mostly from “black” to “white” (Crowley). While most would say people chose to pass to receive “white privileges,” Rachel Dolezals chooses to pass the other way. She self-identifies herself as a black woman and this is a huge issue to a lot of people. Stated by Crowley, “at any moment she can decide to halt the extreme tanning, uncurl her hair and return to her previously scheduled life as a white woman.” Rachel has such hard feelings towards her because peoples believe that she did not go through what colored people have to go through to get to where they are today. She is absolutely in the wrong with her decision to portray and act as someone she is not. This epidemic only calls more attention to the many barriers that involve being a “black woman.” While many…

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