Identity Is A Person 's Conception And Expression Of Their Self

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Identity is a person’s conception and expression of their self. Identity are characteristics that belong to person and describes or labels that person. There are social expectations that come with identity that we have of ourselves and others. “Social expectations can include roles that someone wants or feels they have to play in certain situations and languages or dialects we speak and expect others to speak (Stewart pg. 77)”. Some people confuse identity with identification or think they are one in the same. Identification is not to be confused with identity; identification is classifying the act of someone or something. Identity refers to someone’s self-image, self-esteem, and individuality. It is used to describe someone’s personal identity, which are things that make each person different and unique. “Identities have athletic, artistic, ethnic, gendered, occupational, scientific, political, economic, and religious dimensions, and they all shift in content and importance as the person moves from one situation to another (Stewart pg. 79)”. According to Stewart, there are four characteristics of identities or selves (pg 80), selves are responders (pg 80), identities are developed in past and present relationships (pg 81), and identities can be avowed and ascribed (pg 82). In the video they were responding to each other’s issues and beliefs. “There are three core identities that are particularly common, and often underlie what concerns people the most during a difficult…

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