Identity Is A Fundamental Part Of All Humans Essay

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Identity is a fundamental part of all humans. Whether one’s identity consumes their personality or lies in the shadow of their persona, all humans share this personality trait. Identity is defined as the distinctive characteristic belonging to any given individual or shared by all members of a particular social category or group. In cognitive psychology, the technical definition of the term "identity" refers to the capacity for self-reflection and the awareness of self.(Leary & Tangney 2003, p. 3)The Weinreich definition directs attention to the totality of one 's identity at a given phase in time, with its given components such as one 's gender identity, ethnic identity, occupational identity as well as many more.The definition is applicable to the young child, to the adolescent, to the young adult, and to the older adult in various phases of the life cycle. In sum an identity is the essence of a person or group that shines through as a dominant characteristic. The formation of identity takes place at various stages of one’s life each has an equal opportunity to be profoundly impactful of shaping self image/ concept or identity. Notable familial, mentor, or cultural figures can all be influential in constructing one’s identity.
When one is growing up, identity formation is a pertinent challenge children face. With a combination of physical, cognitive and social changes, an identity may be hard to identify and solidify due to its changing nature. Erik Erikson, a…

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