Identity, Identification, And Reputation Essay

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Who are we and the elements that comprise it in society are similar if not the same for people as for organisations. Concepts used to understand who we are is identity, identification, and reputation. Major contributors to these are Stuart Albert, David A. Whetten, Jane E. Dutton, Janet M. Dukerich, Charles Fomburn, and Mark Shanley.
The identity is the concept constructed on internal beliefs of oneself (ideational), personal definition (definitional), and perception of experiences (phenomenological) that all answer the question of “who are we?” (Whetten, 2006). Furthermore, the attributes of the type of organisation contribute to identity whether it is positive or negative (Whetten, 2006). When it comes to identification it is the result of connecting identity to someone or something but in this case an organisation. In organisational identification it’s the magnitude that members connect similar attributes of themselves that they believe are shared with the organisation (Jane E. Dutton, Dukerich, & Harquail, 1994). Reputation is an external quality of identity within a social environment that showcases key elements of the organisation to gain increased social legitimacy (Fombrun & Shanley, 1990).
The main driver of identity is how organisations act regarding and understanding the issues that it faces (J. E. Dutton & Dukerich, 1991). The concept of identification is driven by members perceptive of the organisations identity as well as how outsiders view the organisation…

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