Essay on Identity Formation From Adolescence ( Age 20-39 )

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Each aspect in a person’s life shapes who they are or will become in their life and it all starts with forming their identity. According to Marcia (1980), “The identity process neither begins nor ends with adolescence. It begins with the self-object differentiation at infancy and reaches its final phase with the self-mankind integration at old age” (p. 160). Everyone goes through life changes and has a set of moral values and thus shaping their identity into who they are. Four aspects that have shaped my identity formation from adolescence (age 13-19) to young adulthood (age 20-39) are: religion, peer relationships, family relationships, and romantic relationships.
From birth to adulthood the way one perceives themselves is developed through the process of identity. Infants see themselves as one with their parents and then recognizes themselves as a separate person from their parents. Children want to be like their parents when younger and as they age adopt their own perspectives and characteristics.
According to Erikson (1968), identity formation begins when the usefulness of identification ends. Taking on characteristics of others no long provides satisfaction; the individual experiences a desire to shape his or her world in unique ways. Identity formation begins with a synthesis of childhood skills, beliefs, and identifications into a coherent, unique whole that provides continuity with the past and direction for the future (Maricia,1993).
Adolescence is a period of…

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