Essay about Identity Crisis Among Native Americans

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Similarly, when the first colonizers arrived at the North American continent, they concluded that America was deserted and empty. However, they realized that they had company when they figured out that the land had been inhabited for a considerable amount of time by the Native Americans. Since the colonizers did not make an effort to live peacefully amongst the Native Americans, the following generations lacked the trust of the Native American Community and knowledge on maintaining good relationships with the Native Americans. Unfortunately, the inability to solve this problem has became a common issue among American Native Americans and European Americans throughout the history of the United States. As a result, a series of historical events and governmental policies contributes to the present-day case of identity crisis among the Native Americans.
The Native Americans’ attachment to their homeland and oral tradition are essential components of tribal identity for them. For the Native Americans, the original location of their tribes is the center of the universe and is considered a sacred place. According to the Native American perspective, memory of their land is important. Tribal history is built upon the stories told about the land. Hence the Native American Removal in the 1830s paved the way for the emergence of an identity crisis in the twentieth century.The government passed the Native American Removal Act in 1830 under the administration of Andrew Jackson. The act…

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