Identity As An Important Part Of The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Identity forms an important part of the tell-tale heart. The identity of the narrator and their perception of self and their own insanity forms part of the short story’s overall charm and mystique. Poe as a writer is very aware of the effect his writing has on readers and purposefully crafts this character along with the character of the old man in order to create an intimate and suspenseful piece of writing. By following his own Gothic manifesto Poe is able to utilise his writing and narration within the story to “then combine(s) such events as may best aid him in establishing this preconceived effect.” (Poe, Review of Hawthorne, 1842) Of the exploration of identity through the main characters ‘nervousness’ and subsequent actions and behaviour following the murder of the old man.
1. The way the illness within the text is described is sporadic and very minimal however we can learn a lot from what is included and how it is described by the narrator. The descriptions are very one sided and show the illness in a way that seems to have augmented the narrators mental state rather than deteriorating it which we know is the truth.
2. Another technique utilised by Poe in this story is the repetition of certain phrases throughout the text. Phrases referencing to madness and insanity are constantly woven into the narration even though they are used in denial their presence further reinforces the idea that the narrator is mad but as yet to realise themselves, which only serves to…

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