Identity and Belonging Essay

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Being perceived as different may make it difficult to belong. Not being able to belong is a confusing and unfortunate case, where one can find themselves lost and frustrated, as they do not have a safe zone. Through the use of text and film, it can be explored that this concept if difference hinders one from feeling a sense of belonging. Whether it be a persons inability to adapt or their lack of confidence.

As we progress through life we discover that our differences make it harder for us to belong. As shown in ‘growing up in australia’, tormenting young adolescents is something of second nature to the average joe. With different colour comes great responsibility. ‘sunnil’, a young Indian boy is perceived as different and find it
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Therefore, when the protagonist realizes that the lost thing cant really adapt to the life he lives, takes him to the place of forgetting. Ultimately, the lost thing cannot adapt to the protagonists way of life, even though he’d like it to. The people in his life do not accept the thing as he does, making it even harder for him to keep the lost thing around. Furthermore , the lost thing cannot feel at home until it is sent to the place of the squiggly arrow, where it truly feels a sense of belonging with the other weird and wonderful things, this demonstrates that if a person is perceived as different, belonging is much more difficult.

With a sense of belonging, comes he confidence the person once lacked and the safe zone that the person needed in order to bounce back with a helping hand. In the movie ‘the wave’ the sense of belonging with its traits are introduced to a class of many different types of people and groups. They incorporate matching white shirts to identify themselves, and as seen in the movie treat anyone without a white shirt as an outsider and untimetly alienates them. This signifies how much of a difference it makes when looking different to everybody else, it ultimately forces the outsiders to join the propaganda in order to fit in as they feel it is their only choice. The outsiders in this situation feel that to belong is to be safe. Here it is presented as an extreme case, but for most, looking and sounding the same means

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