Identity and Belonging Essay examples

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“Identity and Belonging” Persuasive Response
Society constantly tries to change your sense of self.
Society never stops to change as we adapt to new belongings in our society. As new belongings are being brought to society, we intend to become familiar with new possessions and equipment we have and change our sense of self. These new possessions and equipment such as: technology, advertisements and media. Not only do belongings change our sense of self, but our stereotypes towards other people change us. Some people may not realize that society is changing us but, it is helping us understand more of what is out there.
Technology has greatly changed our character, being it has improved our
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We may not know anything about the outside world, if it wasn’t for the media. We may possibility learn interesting outside our country but, it could give us a negative effect. People who watch or read the news may come across murder cases, deaths and accidents that may catch our attention. Revealing these cases may bring people to become more scared and won’t trust people as much, making the world a scary place for them to be. However, there are positive effects to the media. Advertisements are a good example of a positive effect to the audiences. They give us an ideal on how we should live or change our lifestyle. Just Jeans is a good advertisement that advertises clothing to change people lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to stay in the same lifestyle forever would you? Media always changes in every way and brings us knew ways to live our lifestyle.
Stereotypes change our character and the way we feel and think through our thought towards other people. Through advertisements, the white people are mainly being shown instead of others proving that the white people are much better than the others pushing their mind-set down. This changes their sense that they can’t be as better than the white people only near par to them. For example, the way they dress, we can dress as closely as them but the way they look is completely different. Stereotypes allow us to think of what we think of other people. Knowing these things make us feel much more secure because if we

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