Identifying The Unknown Organism Based On Its Characteristics And The Results From Each Of The Tests

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The focus of this lab was to identify an unknown organism based on its characteristics and the results from each of the tests. There will be various of test to choose from in order to identify the unknown organism, which will eliminate numerous possibilities and narrow it down to one. All the fundamental skills that we have learned and practiced in the lab will be used to perform on our unknown such as aseptic technique, microscopic examination, the use of differential media, and determining if it’s positive or negative. Performing aseptic techniques is the most crucial step that requires the utilizing of transferring, inoculating, and storing bacterial cultures and media. Aseptic technique is defined as procedures that prevent contamination during the transfer of cultures and sterilization of culture media (Madigan, Marktinko, Stahl, & clark, 2012). In order to transfer bacteria from one medium to another aseptically, an inoculation of the loop and needle sterilization is require, so it can prevent contamination. Transferring bacteria safely without causing contamination is the key to using aseptic technique and it can be prevented when transferring bacteria aseptically is done correctly. Before obtaining the culture, sterilize the loop for a few seconds and hold it steady to cool, next pass the tube in front of the incinerator before dipping the cooled sterilize loop into the broth. It is important to pass the tube in front of the incinerator again before capping it, this…

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