Identifying The Identification Of Positive And Negative Instances

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I have selected to focus on the identification of positive and negative instances as the concept that I struggle to understand the most. The specific question that I missed regarding this concept was question 27 which described a situation that took place in a college humanities class. In this question, students were learning the three different types of columns that can be found in Greek architecture. A student working with a tutor, misidentified a picture of a column and the tutor corrected him. Tutoring like this continues until the students can successfully tell the difference between the three different types of columns. The question asks what learning process this situation best describes and the correct answer is the identification of positive and negative instances. I think that I missed this question because I did not have a clear understanding of how to apply positive and negative instances to different situations. I understood from my notes that positive refers to examples and negative refers to nonexamples of concepts. In order to gain a better understanding of the application of this concept, I began searching for articles about positive and negative instances in education. My search did not yield a lot of information about this concept in the classroom, but I did find articles that pertain to positive and negative instances in the process of learning. The articles that I ultimately selected were ones that I felt like would provide me with the most…

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