Identifying Source Of The Light Essay

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the identifying source of the light. Christ Jesus was in the light and He, Himself, was the power that brought the thousands of souls to Him. I was again looking upon Christ Jesus, the Light, with my own eyes. He was outlined in utter brilliance, adorning a white robe with bare feet. His skin glowed of bronze and gold, his flowing brown hair also shimmered in gold, and his face beamed with beauty unmatched. His robe was full and the folds of brilliant white material moved and swayed in an elegantly soft breeze-like movement. Christ’s strong hands were outstretched for all who entered His majestic light, as he offered a warm, welcoming smile to His flock.
As he met His followers, He also spoke to me in my mind. The connection I once had in this form, instantly returned as if I it was the way I usually communicated. Christ explained to me that I was among God’s people being raised from the dead to enter the gate of eternity at the end of the age of time for mankind. We were the first of the scattered souls collecting together from all over the world, from all of the generations past to present, the first to rise and witness Christ’s triumphant second coming. As I was able to gaze upon His glorious features, far beyond the best qualities of any Greek god, He met my stare. I had been told at one point in my understanding of the Bible, that Christ was not handsome, that He was rather plain looking. I never imagined that was the case, as I always thought the Son of God…

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