Identifying Salmonella Choleraesuis Essay example

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Jessica Beckman
Bio 351 - General Microbiology
Concordia University, Irvine
February 24, 2012
Identifying Salmonella choleraesuis using Several Microbiology Lab Techniques The purpose of this study was to determine what an unknown bacteria was using several different microbiology lab techniques including an API test, an oxidase test, a gram stain, a hanging drop slide, and morphology identification. The unknown bacterium, which was contaminated with Serratia marcescens, was isolated by streaking the bacteria solution to single colonies. The isolated unknown white bacteria, had the appearance of circular form, convex elevation, entire margin, elongated cocci. The tests than showed that the bacteria was gram-negative, non-motile,
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In one such study, the strain of Salmonella Choleraesuis had to be identified in order to then use live Salmonella choleraesuis to reduce the seroprevalence and the number of Salmonella carrier pigs at slaughter (Schwarz et al, 2011). By being able to identify the specific strain of the species Salmonella, scientists were about to prevent Salmonella from being passed on through pigs because of the Salmonella choleraesuis vaccine. Identification of a specific bacteria can help scientists make so many improvements in getting rid of deadly bacteria.
Materials and Methods This lab was performed over several different days in order to utilize several different techniques in identifying the unknown bacteria. A tube that contained a red species S. marcescens and a white unknown bacteria was streaked to single colonies onto an agar plate using an inoculating loop. The plate was placed in the 37° incubator for 24 hours. Once incubation had occurred the single colonies were used for the different microbiology lab techniques. The first of these techniques used was to determine what the morphology of the unknown bacteria was. The second of these tests was a gram stain. This test was done in order to determine if the unknown bacteria was gram negative or gram positive. The third technique used was a hanging drop slide, which was prepared using another single colony and a light microscope at 100x resolution, in order to observe the bacteria’s motility. The fourth test used was

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